Service Oriented
UKL Facility and Work Days
Various facility upgrades and work (fence, grass, electrical, internal upgrades, painting, artwork,etc)
Van Maintenance and repair
Thursday evenings during the school year volunteers needed at our Klubs:
  • Help staff pick up kids from school and drive to K-life (4-5 pm)
  • Help other volunteers prepare dinner for 75-100 kids (5-7 pm)
  • Help provide supplies to feed kids (food, plates, napkins, plastic ware)
  • Chaperone areas of the klub like ping-pong, pool, basketball courts, games, cards, crafts 3:30- 6:00 p.m. (while kids are gathered and having fun)
  • Participate in a small group of kids (6:30 – 8 p.m).
  • Help clean up facility and help volunteers clean kitchen after dinner (7-8:30 pm)
  • Help drive kids home (8:00-9:00 p.m)…..Probably our most urgent need at this time as we have the capacity to drive 60 kids home in UKL vehicles, but have been av
Relationally Oriented
Help Lead a Small Group Bible Study (Apprentice):
Small groups meet weekly with a staff person (6-8 kids) to teach God’s Word and engage in real life relationships, getting to know the kids in real and personal ways. (flexible timing depending upon when/where the Small Group meets/evenings).
Emersion experience with UKL
Participate by hosting a sleepover with a UKL staff person, a great way to get to know students in an emersion-type experience which is a great “on-ramp” to helping in a small group or beginning the initial stages of relationship with both staff and students.
Visit school lunches with UKL staff weekly:
Enter into the schools and the world of these students by visiting schools weekly with UKL staff
Participate with our PGA REACH program and initiative:
Participate in our after school PGA golf program. Details provided by UKL Relationship Manager Njeri Camphor (in the past Tues/Wed. 2:30-5 pm)
Create Experiences- Summer or During School Year:
Participate in 1x/mo Fun Events with students and UKL staff (paintball, bowling, skating, etc)
Teach Your Passion (one of the best relationally involved volunteer opportunities):
Talk to us about teaching something you are passionate about. Gardening, music, construction, art, sports, dance, writing, poetry…anything a kid can learn from! We will work with you to make this happen! Many kids would love to learn an activity they are not familiar with or would like to learn more about. It can foster real and consistent life on life relationships with kids in a natural way. (Flexible timing depending upon volunteer availability)
Create Experiences- Summer or During School Year:
Take a group of kids some place they haven’t been: a college campus, The City Museum, Science Center, Basillica, Crown Candy, The Arch, Museums, Ballgames, Fun Activities (bowling, skating, paintball), etc. We need volunteers and resources for admission. If you want to just take a couple of kids that’s okay too, but relationships have to be established first in order to gain the desire & trust for a group of students to want to share time with the volunteer. (Flexible timing)
Broader Involvement/Investment
Adopt a UKL Relationship Manager/School
1-3 Community Groups Adopt a particular RM and the school they serve. This is another great way to serve an already existing ministry inside the local high schools, and open potential doors for an entire community group to participate in tangible ways into the lives of students, the schools, faculty, and the broader community as a whole. This is an amazing way to participate in and learn the culture of the SLPS schools and the students, families, and faculty they serve.
This could include but not be limited to:
  • hosting 1x/mo at community group the RM’s small group for dinner and for them to participate in the evening,
  • community group members visiting the school with the RM to interact with students during lunch, possibly visit with faculty and leaders tosee how the group could best help to serve the school needs
  • find a volunteer role at the school in which to serve (coaching, cheer, dance, art, music, etc).
  • tailgate at sporting events to support the school and provide a place for parents to fellowship in pregame or postgame, getting to know the culture of the schools and the families there
  • providing a basic amount of financial resources monthly so the RM can effectively minister to their small group thru food, outings, transportation and other events ($200/mo), providing $50/wk to spend on their group of students
  • hosting a 1x/semester “blow out party” for the RM, students, and their parents (BBQ, picnic in the park, sporting event, community outing, etc)
  • attend and support UKL by serving at weekly Thursday nite klubs and sharing needed roles on a rotating basis